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Writing Your Memoirs

Jan 28th, 2018

by Amy Sherman.

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man typing- When you consider writing your memoirs, it may seem
like a monumental undertaking. After all, you've lived a long life and
have experienced many things. However, if you take each phase of your
life as a separate entity, you will find that it becomes easier to
resurrect those moments and those experiences you want to share with

Don't feel overwhelmed. You don't have to start your memoir at the
beginning of your life. This is your story and your arrangement. Just
try to connect the stories so that it flows in some sequence or order.

Your family and other readers want to experience what happened to you
just as you experienced it. ... CONTINUE READING
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Posted in: Reitrement.
Tagged: journaling your life sharing your life

The Power of a Single Word

Jan 9th, 2018

by Amy Sherman.

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Words are very powerful. Say something mean and hurtful in anger and
it may be difficult to take back or forget. But say something kind when
someone needs it most and you are a savior and inspiration. Words,
therefore, are very powerful and must be chosen wisely and with much
thought. -

In your marriage, conversations between you and your spouse can build
your relationship or break it down. With mindfulness, you can practice
good listening skills and effective responses that will encourage
appreciation, respect and good-will with your partner. Or, you can
always have an agenda and create divisions, animosity, loneliness and
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Posted in: Inspiration.
Tagged: good communication techniques for communicating

Baby Boomer Concerns

Dec 10th, 2017

by Amy Sherman.

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What kind of emotional mistakes do boomers often make? mature couple

There are several. One important mistake is forgetting to have a good
time and enjoying all life has to offer. Many boomers are taking life
too seriously. Not only does it affect how people relate to you, but it
also affects how you feel. Laughter and humor are tools to diffuse
negativity and to boost your immune system. It's an easy way to
de-stress and rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit.

Another thing to be aware of is how often you sabotage yourself through
your negative thinking, worry or even fear. How can you achieve what
you want when you are fearing your failure or doubting your
potential? ... CONTINUE READING
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Posted in: Inspiration.
Tagged: baby boomer mistakes baby boomer well-being

Memories: Do You Remember When...?

Nov 5th, 2017

by Amy Sherman.

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woman contemplating- You've lived long enough to experience many
changes, both good and bad. You have seen the world through the eyes
of a child and now as a mature adult. Things are undoubtedly very
different from when you were young. But thankfully, you have the
memories. Your memories are closely enmeshed with emotions of love,
grief or joy. Memories affect your reasoning and decision-making, and
because of your past, your present actions and experiences are
affected. Your concept of yourself, your choices, attitudes and
behaviors are driven in part by what you remember and how you interpret
those memories.

So when I remember the metal skates that fit over my sneakers and the
skate key used to tighten them, I am conjuring up a positive, pleasant
memory that brings a smile to my face.... CONTINUE READING
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Posted in: Health & Wellness.
Tagged: remembering the past reminiscing

Family Conflict: How to Create a Safe Environment

Oct 27th, 2017

by Amy Sherman.

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couple yelling at each other- Your relationship should make you
feel safe and secure. It should be the kind of relationship that
encourages good communication and understanding when a conflict
arises. However, you know that things don't always go as you would
like and sometimes nasty words are exchanged and you and your partner
are hurt, confused and angry.

It's during those trying times, you need to feel comfortable enough to
discuss your issues, without feeling intimidated, wronged or
invisible. How do you create an environment that allows you each to
speak your minds so a compromise can be established?

You first have to set down some guidelines about fair fighting. ...
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Posted in: Dating & Relationships.
Tagged: fair fighting good communication
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